Junior Web Developer

Two Story Robot is looking for a Junior Web Developer Co-op Student to help us build interesting software projects. If you have a love of learning and want some exposure to technology and methods that they don't teach you in school, you will like working with us.

Your Role

You will work closely with the rest of our small team on various software projects, learning and growing each day. You will be writing code for the front-end and back-end of our projects and working with strange and wonderful database systems. You will work on both client and in house software.

We practice “remote always”, meaning we try to behave as though we are remote even when we are sitting across from each other. This requires discipline and strong communication skills.

Technology We Use

We are primarily javascript and opt to write in ES2015.

  • Front-end: react, redux, CSS3 (we love flexbox), sass, postcss
  • Back-end: node, express
  • Databases: mongo, rethink, couch, elasticsearch
  • Build: gulp, babel, npm, tape, mocha
  • Deployment: docker, rancher, semaphoreci
  • Tools: github, trello, slack, quip

Ideal Candidate

We encourage you to apply for this job even if you don't have all the skills we call out here. Nothing is a hard requirements. When we look at candidates we do tend to favour candidates that can demonstrate they are:

  • a self learner - we will help you learn a lot of new things but you should understand how you learn and are not afraid of the unknown
  • reflective - you are thoughtful in how you work, what your goals are, and how to improve
  • flexible - you welcome the idea of wearing a few different hats and are willing to work on different tasks

The ideal candidate will also possess the following skills:

  • programming - this is a programming job, so you know a thing or two about loops and logic
  • git - you know how to branch, commit, merge
  • databases - you have worked with data and persisted it somehow
  • web - you understand HTML and CSS and have built some web pages or web apps in the past

Bonus Skills

If you have any of the following skills, they are a bonus and will boost your candidacy:

  • javascript beyond the basics - you've used node, built an app with some framework, etc
  • NoSQL databases - maybe you know some SQL, but you also play around with NoSQL
  • APIs - you've played around with REST APIs, built a few yourself
  • command line - we believe in the command line, we like others who do too