TechBrew is an annual technology and startup mixer in Kamloops, BC. We wanted to build something fun and interesting to show at TechBrew so we put together a simple Facebook Messenger chat bot that attendees could interact with. We use simple natural language processing and train the bot to understand certain messages from the user and respond accordingly.

Although it is quite simple, there is a lot of capabilities to be tapped into in messaging bots and conversational interfaces.

Technology Used

Well, to be fair, we didn’t use a lot of technology for this as it was put together over the course of a few days as a proof of concept. We are using our old favourite, NodeJS, to power the backend code that connects the bot to Facebook Messenger. We are also using some open source natural language libraries and services to provide the language parsing for our bot.

The future of bots

We see a tremendous future for chat bots for many reasons and we are just starting to scratch the surface of what can be accomplished with bots. As artificial intelligence improves, we believe bots will replace many of the apps that people use today in everything from shopping to medicine.