Tickbin is a natural language based time tracking tool currently in development. We were unsatisfied with the state of existing time tracking solutions and wanted a tool that fit within our work flow. We focus on mindful tracking of meaningful information vs. more simplistic time tracking that lacks narrative.

It features an offline first, command line first approach that allows for more user flexibility and data ownership. The command line client and many of the dependent libraries are open source and support syncing to self hosted or cloud hosted database servers.

Some of the technology choices we have made:

  • CouchDB and PouchDB for local data storage and simple remote syncing allowing for fully offline use
  • Standardizing on ES2015 (ES6) for more readable source
  • Microservice architecture with docker allowing for more targeted deployment and scaling, with simpler code maintenance
  • JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for simplified authentication and authorization which plays very well with microservices
  • React + Redux for frontend interface which greatly improves the reasonability of code