• Consulting

    We offer a range of consulting services from technology evaluation to system architecture. We can even help level up your existing team to modern technologies.

  • Development

    We can help you build your product from the ground up. We take a user-centric approach to our design and development process so your users will enjoy using your products.

  • Hosting

    If you have complicated hosting needs, we can help orchestrate a hosting solution for you and host it on our Canadian cloud provider.


SMS 2.0

The BC Learning Network is a consortium of public school districts in BC who offer online learning opportunities to their students. BCLN contracted us to rebuild their Student Management System from the ground up. Their existing solution had grown to become an unmaintainable collection of various PHP scripts that was deeply coupled with Moodle (an open source learning management system).

After an audit of the existing code base, it became clear that a rewrite was necessary. Our goal was to build a system that could be self hosted by districts, use modern technologies and user interface patterns, and reduce the cost of maintenance significantly through better system architecture.

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TechBrew Bot

TechBrew is an annual technology and startup mixer in Kamloops, BC. We wanted to build something fun and interesting to show at TechBrew so we put together a simple Facebook Messenger chat bot that attendees could interact with. We use simple natural language processing and train the bot to understand certain messages from the user and respond accordingly.

Although it is quite simple, there is a lot of capabilities to be tapped into in messaging bots and conversational interfaces.

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Tickbin is a natural language based time tracking tool currently in development. We were unsatisfied with the state of existing time tracking solutions and wanted a tool that fit within our work flow. We focus on mindful tracking of meaningful information vs. more simplistic time tracking that lacks narrative.

It features an offline first, command line first approach that allows for more user flexibility and data ownership. The command line client and many of the dependent libraries are open source and support syncing to self hosted or cloud hosted database servers.

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